Workplace Must Haves

Workplace Must Haves

Happy Sunday, readers!

If you’re like me, you spend more time at your desk in the office than you do almost anywhere else. That’s why I’m a huge advocate for making sure your work desk is somewhere you enjoy being. It’s just as important as making sure your bedroom feels cozy and has a style of its own — but how do you do that?

You want to have the necessary items on your desk to boost productivity and also boost your mood. It should be unique and show off who you are and what motivates you, while also being neat and tidy.

In this post, I’m going to share what I have at my desk to help me stay motivated and happy. Obviously, every person is different and some things that motivate me may not be applicable to you, so use this as a guide to help you figure out what you can add to your desk in order to make it feel more like home.

1. Your planner or a desktop calendar. I’ve already discussed this in my previous post, but you always need a place to keep track of your weekly tasks, upcoming meetings, and to jot down quick notes and reminders.



2.  A refillable water bottle. This will serve as a reminder to drink more water throughout the day if you see the water bottle sitting on your desk, rather than just having a cup of water that you throw away when you finish drinking it. Drinking more water throughout the day will also help curb your desire to snack constantly while sitting at your desk.


3. Something that inspires you. Whether it’s a dream/vision board, your favorite motivational quote, or pictures of people you love who inspire you to be a better person. This will help remind you why you’re working in the first place and help give you purpose while doing your work.


4. Something that shows off your personality. Whether it’s cute decor, pictures with friends, or a picture frame with a quote from your favorite movie (my coworker has this adorable Harry Potter quote framed on her desk and it looks incredible!), this will help you remember to be true to who you are and love the parts of yourself that make you unique. I have white patterned drawer and desk organizers to hold my pens, notebooks, post its, etc. that are very clean-looking and cute and give my desk some personality. I also have a “What Would Brooke Davis Do” quote that’s framed on my desk because it not only inspires me, but also shows off my personality to others because I have bright flowers around the quote.



5.  Snacks and quick meals. Even though my office building has lots of food options, sometimes I want to just grab a granola bar for my 2 p.m. snack time. My snack drawer contains popcorn, granola bars, pretzels, oatmeal packets, an assortment of every type of tea you can possibly think of (I have a minor addiction to tea), and some chocolate for when you just need something sweet!


6. A plant, fresh flowers, or salt lamp. Plants and salt lamps help purify the air around you and they also help boost your mood. Also, fresh flowers are always nice to keep on your desk. My coworker has a bush of hydrangeas at home and she’ll cut a few and bring them in a small vase and keep them on her desk. It’s a nice touch that will also make you smile. As for plants, succulents are easy to maintain at work since they don’t need much water. Bamboo is another a great one to keep at your desk, and they are good luck!



7. A small humidifier.  Office air is usually very dry and this is a nice way to put moisture back in the air and prevent dry skin and discomfort. I have this adorable one from Amazon — I always get tons of compliments!

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 2.15.55 PM


8. A phone charger.  This one goes without saying, but keeping a spare charger in your desk is always a necessity. My phone charges wirelessly, so I purchased a charging stand from Amazon (I don’t like seeing cords at my desk, they look cluttered). They make phone charging stands that work with a regular charger as well.



9. Lotion, chapstick, hand sanitizer. And any other products you may use frequently that is helpful to have right in front of you. I keep my favorite Bath & Body Works scented hand cream on my desk for whenever my hands are dry.



10. Headphones. Another one that’s very obvious, but listening to music while working always proves to be beneficial in numerous ways. I use Spotify at work because I have numerous playlists I create for different moods. Spotify also has its own curated playlists based on mood and activity which is always helpful!



11. Medicine essentials. It’s always helpful to store some Ibuprofen nearby, as well as any multivitamin you may take on a daily basis. Having it accessible at your desk will serve as a good reminder to take them daily instead of letting it slip your mind.


12. A book to read when you want to unwind. Many people take a full hour for their lunch break, but end up spending only 20-30 minutes of that time actually eating. Spend the second half of your break either taking a quick walk or reading the next chapter of your book. Looking for a great new book to read? My friend’s book blog, FiftyTwoPlus is a great resource to check out — she reads one book a week then reviews them!

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 2.13.21 PM

I hope this post motivates you to go into work this week and re-evaluate what you have on your desk currently, get rid of the clutter you don’t need, and add some new items that will boost your productivity and make your workspace your own.

What other items do you keep on your desk that motivate you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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