Personal Year Numerology

Personal Year Numerology

I’ve never been the biggest follower in astrology. All I know is that I’m a Virgo, and possess the typical traits of a Virgo. But I don’t check my horoscope daily, I don’t believe that the sun or moon’s location impacts my mood, and I couldn’t even begin to explain to you what it means for Mercury to be in retrograde.

However, my favorite Youtuber and blogger, Cammie Scott, wrote a post recently about personal year numerology. I decided to look into what that might mean and discovered that the answers I found were very enlightening and honestly, scary accurate.

To calculate your personal year number, start by figuring out your sun number. Take the digits in your date of birth. For example, I was born on September 8th. Add up the numbers in your date of birth until the sum of the numbers comes to one single digit:

0 9 0 8 = 17
1 7 = 8
8 is my sun number.

Next, you calculate the year number by doing the same exercise with the numbers in the current year:
2 0 1 8 = 11
1 1 = 2

Last, add your sun number to the year number.
8 + 2 = 10
1 + 0 = 1

Next, visit this page to read your yearly forecast.

Here’s an excerpt from mine:

“1 is the number of SELF, and you will gain a much greater self-awareness this year. You will learn about individuality, and the vital changes that must take place within you if you are to attain what you need.

You will be learning about independence, leadership, and originality, and you will need great faith in yourself in order to take appropriate action. You will encounter situations involving your deepest feelings, your unique mind and talent, and your need for greater freedom.

In the 1 Year, you must learn to adapt to the changes taking place inside you and around you, while your ability to lead yourself and others gets tested. Your progress will be helped along by new opportunities and understandings. Just remember that 1 is the number of individuality, and that no one can define freedom for another without placing limits on freedom.

Start out by accepting the need for real and complete change. Develop a realistic sense of your own self-worth. Listen to and follow your feelings.”


Now for those of you who know me personally, you might be aware of how hectic and overwhelming the past four years of my life have been, especially this past year. I’d decisively say it was the worst one so far. So seeing that 2018 will be the year when the cycle restarts and I will gain new opportunity and understanding is truly the hope I needed to see at this point in my life.

Here’s to a year full of independence, originality, and making strides to better myself and fulfill new passions and interests that help inspire me and help me grow.


Let me know what your personal year number says and if you believe it’s accurate in the comments below!


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  1. Sarah
    January 22, 2018 / 10:15 am

    Love this!!

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