New Year’s Resolutions – 2015

New Year’s Resolutions – 2015

I have been working on my list of resolutions for 2015 and finally finished. Here’s a glimpse at my what my goals and resolutions are for this upcoming year:


1. Write/blog more often. I have the tendency to write and blog frequently, but only in the summer. When I’m at school I rarely write. I aim to change that.

2. Graduate magna cum laude. I currently have a 3.58 GPA and need a 3.6 to graduate magna cum laude. This should be relatively easy, except for the fact that I’m taking physics this semester… Uh oh.

3. Drink more water. This one is self explanatory. I’m so bad at remembering to do this, though.

4. Save my money. Before I buy anything, I need to stop and think, “Do I really need this?” The answer is typically no. Additionally, I want to create a personal budget every month. I already have a couple pages in the notes section of my planner reserved for this purpose.

5. Read 30 books. 2014 wasn’t my best year when it comes to reading a ton of books. Let’s hope 2015 is a little better.

6. Be more adventurous. Aka, go places!

7. Find a job I love.

8. Make more of an effort to hang out with Jeff. I really need to work on this. I take the fact that we live so close to each other for granted, both at home and at school.

9. Take more risks. Don’t pass down opportunities. But also, don’t over-fill my plate.

10. Don’t procrastinate. I always get my work done, no excuses. However, I need to stop waiting until the last minute to do it.

11. No more late-night snacking. I crave food late at night, every single night. I need to work on stopping this.

12. Eat more veggies. I love fruit, but rarely eat vegetables. I already bought myself carrots and ranch to motivate myself to eat more vegetables.

13. Cut back on junk food. As if late-night snacking isn’t bad enough, I eat junk food late at night. I went through multiple bags of truffles over the past few weeks and need to cut back on them. They’re just too yummy!

14. Yoga 3x/week. Oh, and take some workout classes like kickboxing and zumba.

15. Cook more often. This would also help me save money since I won’t be going out to eat as often.

16. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night. One can hope, right?

17. Stay positive. I need to look on the bright side of things from now on.

18. Better appreciate what I have. Don’t take things for granted.

19. Don’t overthink everything.

20. Don’t doubt myself as often. Be more confident in my abilities. 🙂


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