July 2018 Wrap Up

July 2018 Wrap Up

I apologize for the lack of posts this month. I’ve been working on a fiction story that’s been consuming a lot of my free time! However, I did want to ensure I posted a wrap up for this month since I have a lot of books, movies, etc. to highlight!

Here are some key takeaways for July 2018!

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Events This Month:
Moved my sister into her new apartment in Charlotte
Trip to Boston for the 4th of July
Beach weekend with my college roommates
My best friend came to visit for a week from LA
A few trips to New York
Dyed my hair back to my natural dark color

Shows I Watched:
Sharp Objects (HBO)
The Originals (CW)
Wynonna Earp (Sci-Fi)
Nashville (CMT)

Movies I Saw In Theaters:
Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again – no, really… can I go again?

Books I Read:
The Breakdown – B.A. Paris (3.5/5) – a decent thriller and quick read
Disturbed – Jennifer Jaynes (5/5) – AMAZING psychological thriller and a super quick read that I finished in two days. It’ll have you guessing yourself until the very end!
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone (4/5) – yes, i’m re-reading this series!
Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets (4.5/5) – excited to read the third book since it’s my favorite!
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (3.5/5) – fun read, but I already followed most of his advice on my own 😉

Favorite Instagram Post: This selfie I took at sunset while waiting for a table at Marina Grille in Belmar

Favorite Tweet: My little rant about how I hope one day, being part of a minority such as the LGBT community won’t be a big deal. Also, if you like Pitch Perfect, this one was funny 🙂

Favorite Article: This one discusses how to write a novel while working a full-time job. It was extremely insightful and I made so many highlights as I was reading. I believe it could be applied to all side projects, especially for writers and bloggers! Also, my friend wrote a beautifully vulnerable article about domestic abuse and shared her story. Check it out here!

Goals for August:
Get back into my weekly blog posting cadence (sorry!!)
Cut back on spending (I say this every month… sigh)
Read 5 books
Finish my fiction story (I completed the draft, but it needs a lot of editing and polishing!)
Start my next short story (I already have it outlined so I know I can do this!)

What I’m Looking Forward To in August:
Boston Comic Con
Trip to Los Angeles

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