Areas of Expertise

Public Relations

I graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s degree in public relations. I knew I belonged in this industry and would thrive from the moment I got a grasp on what it is all about.

Layout & Design

With a passion for design, I became the editor of Rowan’s yearbook where I designed the entire book. I also served as Rowan’s PR director where I produced our monthly newsletter.

My entire life I’ve been known as the overly organized girl who always has her life planner handy and is making and checking tasks off her to-do lists. It’s why I started this blog! 


I currently work in marketing automation at OnDeck in New York City and have several years of extensive email marketing experience.

Writing & Editing

I love to write. I couldn’t just settle for PR, so I minored in journalism as well. Although writing and editing is a huge part of my job, I love creative writing! 


I’m a sponge when it comes to design.  I am always trying to soak up new knowledge to better myself and broaden my experience level.

I am a bit of a technology geek. I want to get more involved in UI/UX design and creation and further my computer skills. I have always been the go-to person for all my friends and family when they have a problem with their gadgets.

Project Oversight

I have a trait that leads me to take the reins and ensure everything is done properly and according to deadline. This showed throughout my entire life. I love to take on leadership positions and challenge myself to a new project every day.


I love logos. I love fonts. I love branding. This led me to create a brand for myself through logos, fonts and color schemes which I use for my CV. I love having an opportunity to help establish a brand using all that my mind has to offer.

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