Erin Condren Life Planner: 2015 Review

This review is long past due. I’ve referred hundreds of people to Erin Condren, but never wrote a review on my Life Planner (I did write one about my old planner, a Plum Paper, if you wanted to check that out). Well, it’s time to change that!



Here’s a picture of my current cover, customized with my first and last name (you can choose what you’d like your customization to say). I say current cover because, beginning with this year’s life planners, the covers are interchangeable — front and back, of course. Yes, you read that correctly. No more having to get bored with the cover of your planner (do other people do that or just me?) because your possibilities are endless! Here are some of the other covers I own:


So, as you can see, I couldn’t decide on just one! These covers are easy to switch in and out, yet stay in place once they snap in. They are laminated, thick and sturdy.

OnthegoHere’s what you see once you turn to the first page. The page quality is amazing in this planner, definitely not flimsy or thin.

coilThe coil is literally impossible to bend, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the binding.

laminatedtabslaminatedtabs2And the tabs are laminated and will not bend. Take my word for it, this entire planner is extremely sturdy and will hold up for the year or more that you will use it (yes, they even have an option for a year and a half at a time).


Now, let’s check out the inside.


workhardIt wouldn’t be Erin Condren if it weren’t filled with inspirational quotes to help cheer you up!

yearatglanceYou start your planner off with a year-at-a-glance spread. This isn’t super useful to me, but I do use it. Can you take a guess at what the red dots represent? I’m sure every girl can figure it out! 😉


monthlyspreadHere’s a peek at a monthly spread. Each month’s tab takes you to this spread. I usually only use it for big events and birthdays.



The weekly spreads are fantastic! It took a while getting used to how each day is broken up into morning, day and night, but now I can’t imagine having it any other way. Also, these spreads are pretty bare since it’s over winter break and the first week back at school. Usually, every box is filled with course work, TV shows, errands I need to run, etc.

When you order your planner, it comes with a patterned, see-through bookmark. The one I have pictured is actually an older version from last year, but I like the quote on it so I kept it. However, notice how my bookmark covers Thursday? Well, having a see-through bookmark fixes this problem, so no need to worry about that. It’s just my personal preference.


Next, we have the notes section. You get a hefty amount of lined and unlined pages for notes, doodles and more. I use the lined ones to keep a list of my new year’s resolutions (which I listed a few blog posts back), class absences, monthly tasks, books I’ve read, blog post ideas and other random lists and notes. I don’t really use the unlined notes pages, though. Maybe you will have a reason to, but I don’t. I use my lined notes section as much as I use my weekly spreads. My monthly task list is super helpful, and I recommend everyone create one to help you stay organized regarding those smaller tasks you sometimes forget to do.


nextyearglanceAfter the notes pages, there is a spread showing you a glance of the next two years. I personally never use this. My life isn’t that exciting that I need to plan something years in advance! :/

Next, some goodies the planner includes.

bdaystickersotherstickersfolderpouchAt the end of the planner, you get a page full of birthday stickers. These are repositionable, which is awesome for OCD people like me who go insane if something isn’t perfectly straight or lined up. You also get a page of miscellaneous stickers, some of which are useful. However, I don’t know too many people who go to that many concerts, have that many days off, or go on that many vacations. If you’re one of those people, congrats, you have a fun, exciting life! Following the stickers is a double sided folder for stashing pretty much anything you need. Finally, the very last thing is a clear zipper pouch to store things that need to be a little more secure.


Now, let’s talk about add ons and stickers!!!


These are coil clips. You peel off the adhesive backing and can stick them to an invitation, parking ticket, business card, pretty much anything. Then, they snap right into the coil of your planner so you always have what you need, where you need it!

notepadThis notepad has an adhesive that sticks to the back cover. I didn’t get my name on these because I actually bought them at Staples. The Staples near me just started selling Erin Condren products, which is awesome because I don’t have to pay for shipping and the prices are lower than they are online. I use these notepads to jot down quick notes, make grocery lists and doodle occasionally.

customstickersErin Condren offers these custom stickers through her website, as well. You choose the text and the colors. They, too, are repositionable. Oh, how I love customization!


Now, you probably noticed the smaller stickers I had throughout my planner’s weekly spreads. I got them off of Etsy!

coursestickersI ordered these through The Pixie Paperie on Etsy. She customized each set of flags to match the courses I’m taking this semester and I love them! 😀

These cute little shopping carts and checklist flags are from Planneresque 🙂


These small, icon stickers are from LifePlannerWashiTape, a personal favorite.

flagsAll of these are also from LifePlannerWashiTape. I seriously love that shop. You receive your orders in just a few days, which is rare on Etsy.


I also love KrissyAnneDesigns. I’m currently waiting for my order to be shipped from that shop! All of these shops also have Instagram and Facebook accounts where they post sales, new items and pictures of their weekly spreads and stickers in action! So definitely go and follow their accounts.


Overall, this planner is 100 percent worth every single penny. You receive coupons the more you shop, and with almost every single order. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t adore his or her Life Planner. If I haven’t convinced you, I really recommend checking out Erin Condren’s website and browsing around at all the amazing stuff she sells because I’m sure that will persuade you! To get $10 off your order, use this link to sign up for an account. Once you sign up, the coupon will be emailed to you immediately.


Happy planning, everyone! Oh, and if you have a favorite Etsy sticker shop, let me know and I’ll check it out!



  1. Marine
    October 27, 2016 / 4:26 am

    I loooove the Erin Condren’s covers gold and white. Do you know if I can find it ?
    Thank you
    Best regards

  2. December 27, 2015 / 7:43 pm

    Wow! Your handwriting is just beautiful! I stumbled in here looking for reviews on the EC planner. I’m waiting on mine to arrive. Looks like you’ve gotten some great use from yours this year. Thanks for the sticker recommendations. Going to check those out.

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