Birthday Resolutions

Birthday Resolutions

Most people do their yearly resolutions as a way to ring in the new year. But, in my opinion, a new year begins for me each year on my birthday (which is a week away). So, instead of waiting until New Year’s Eve to share my resolutions for the upcoming year, here are my goals for the next 365 days of my life – by category.

Four areas to focus on for the next year: empathy, hope, joy & growth

Health Resolutions:

  • Drink more water – Okay, I know I say this every year… but I still suck at it. Shout out to all my friends who constantly nag me to drink water or else I’d completely forget to do this every day!
  • Work out twice a week – Even if I just go for a long walk to get my heart rate up, I’ll count this as a success.
  • Remember to take my vitamins every day – I’m anemic, yet taking my iron pills seems to always be such a chore. I also just started taking B12 for my energy, but those are gummies and taste delicious 🙂
  • Figure out what foods trigger my stomach aches – I don’t think I have food allergies, but some days I’ll randomly have terrible stomach pains and I still can’t figure out what’s causing them.

Self Care Resolutions:

  • Write in my gratitude journal each night before bed
  • Practice mindfulness, and utilize my favorite app, Calm
  • Reach my goal weight and maintain it
  • Take more risks – go after things that excite me
  • Stay positive always – negative thinking never solves anything!
  • Put myself first and remember it’s okay to be selfish – if I don’t want to go to a party, it’s fine to put myself first and just say no.
  • Don’t cling to the “what ifs” so much, focus on the opportunities I already have and the chance to create new ones

Friendships Resolutions:

  • Make an effort to spend time with my friends more often
  • Always be there for those who are there for me
  • Remove toxic relationships from my life

Home Resolutions:

  • Find a new apartment I love for when my lease is up
  • Learn three new recipes – maybe something that isn’t a pasta dish
  • Grocery shop more often instead of going out to eat/getting takeout

Work Resolutions:

  • Learn something new and outside my area of expertise
  • Hit my training hours – this can tie into the last goal
  • Stay focused and positive, always

Financial Resolutions:

  • Put 25% of each paycheck directly into my savings
  • Budget monthly
  • Stop impulsively spending money on shit I don’t need

Creative Resolutions:

  • Read 20 books – I usually read 3-4 a month, so this won’t be a problem.
  • Write weekly – fiction, blog posts, journaling… just write.
  • Maintain my poetry blog and website

Travel Resolutions:

  • Take two vacations
  • Go somewhere new for both trips
  • Take another solo trip and explore on my own


I think that covers just about everything. What other resolutions do you look forward to focusing on for the next 365 days? Or do you have any tips to help me achieve mine? Let me know in the comments!

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